The Plant Visit

Lately, I’ve been so busy with our plant visit project. We spent a lot of efforts and money to make this a wonderful and noteworthy report. Luckily, our efforts weren’t put into waste. Even though our report weren’t the best of the best, we still had fun and really learned meaningful things that not even an excellent mark would equal.

We call ourselves Rejection Overload—know why? ‘Coz looking back –seriously– we’ve been rejected for over a hundred times by different companies regarding this plant visit. None of us has a connection to any manufacturing company so we did have a hard time, calling offices, sending letters through fax and email and being rejected over and over again.

There had been other glitches– conflicting schedules, even arguments but all of theses taught us how to deal with others and most  especially helped us to know our limits, our inner selves more. We didn’t give up. Right then, we realized that nothing comes easy. We learned that life requires determination, persistence and hope.

This plant visit turned out not only a requirement to be fulfilled but also an opportunity to learn, to laugh and to share life’s moments with other people. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our professor, Ma’am Reyes, thank you very much. We indeed learned a lot from this experience. It is something we cannot forget. It wasn’t easy but it’s all worth it.

-Rejection Overload