Switching jobs

I’ve quit my job as an external auditor for one of the big four auditing firms.

It was sad. All this time I thought that when i finally clicked that button that would send my tender of resignation I would feel so happy that there would be little dancing puppies in my head. But no, all I felt was “meh”. Nothing.

No, don’t get the wrong idea, I have no regrets doing it. I am just disappointed that I didn’t get the response I expected from myself (what?).

Well anyway, maybe I didn’t hate my job as much as I thought. I loved it actually, but we all know that there is a kind of love that is slowly killing you and you don’t know it.

So I looked for another job and I found one at an international non-profit organization. It felt just right and so mature that I am already making big decisions for my life like switching jobs (where did the years go?). I am really hoping that this will be long term for me.