Quarter Life CRISIS

Oh my God!!!

I can’t believe I am having this moment right know. It’s 11 am, I’m at the middle of my work, but I am breaking down (on the inside, emotionally).

It’s just that there is so much happening in my life right now and I so overwhelmed. I think I’m gonna cry.

Okay. Chill girl.

See, I’m already/only 25 but I honestly don’t know where my life is leading.

I want to live alone but money’s been tight lately.

I have pending applications abroad.

I just got off from a “relationship”.

I don’t know if I am already dating someone or we’re just “cool”.

I think someone also wants to date me but i can’t decide because I am not sure if I am already dating someone.

I don’t know what I’m saving for.

I want to travel but I’m too tired.

I have so many friends sometimes it’s hard to manage.

I am not sure who my friends are and why I am dealing this alone if I have so many friends.

And, I’ve had way too much coffee.



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